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                                               Thank you for visiting here to see me and my gang of mad hounds ! 

Here's a little bit about me ! I have 2 sons, Vincent and Edward, Vin is currently leaving the teenage years so puppies are not always cool, Ed however is just entering his teens and I imagine will always absolutely love them! Both boys are great with the puppies and my gang, and very rarely manage to get into bed without some 4 legged company!  They wouldn't have it any other way though 🐾


I have been breeding dogs on and off for over 20 years now, I absolutely love the whole nurturing process, from caring for the mums to seeing the pups venture off into their new lives. It is a real passion of mine and I firmly believe it should be to give the puppies the best start in their little lives you possibly can. I love what I do, and my gang of hounds. I don't have litters all year round, because we like to do a great deal of things as a family and love to include the dogs. 🐾


When I am not playing temporary mum to puppies, I work for my brothers company Animals Uk. As he is not only a relative but also my best friend, I have the privileged position of being able to work as and when I am available!  When I do, I present Educational workshops for Schools, Colleges, Young Offenders and a variety of different groups about exotic animals. It is incredibly fun albeit quite challenging at times! and gets me out and about all over the Country.  Exotics, as much as I love working with them and as fabulously interesting as they are, are not my real passion though, as far as I'm concerned there is nothing more brilliant, than coming home after a long day, to a pack of crazy hounds behaving like they thought you had abandoned them forever ! ... and my children of course...

Earlier on this year I was absolutely honoured to take over The Cockapoo Club of Great Britain together with another fab breeder and friend. The CCGB is an incredibly informative site with top quality breeders that you know you will be safe with.🐾


I work hard to give my dogs the best life I can and spend a great deal of time making sure they are in optimum health before I start our journey together of creating new little lives. I am always trying to improve my knowledge and regularly challenge myself with new courses, especially if its a training technique I'm not familiar with, aways great to get new perspectives on the things we do regularly. I'm a qualified Animal Psychologist and Microchip Implanter and over the years of keeping dogs I have taught myself to groom and now maintain all my team myself. When I'm not doing all those things, you can quite often find me in the kitchen, as I make and dehydrate my own dog treats, they are great to experiment with, there are some fabulous ideas and recipes around to play with, and the whole experience is always fun for me, as I have my very own droolingly willing tasting team right by my feet!🐾


As much as my dogs support my homemade ventures though, they have found a true love for natural animal treats. These are something I now feed to my dogs regularly and have inspired me to search out more and more different ones, so much so, I have literally just, launched my own little online shop, TiaBellesTreats for them ! You can not imagine the excitement here when I told my gang we would be in charge of dog treats !! ....   Hopefully once you have your new little taste tester you can visit for some goodies, but you have to promise to let me know what they think!! 🐾 


                                                                                                                                                                             🐾 Jo 🐾


ICOES - Moderating Dog Behaviour                                                                            Pet Plan - Insurance Training         

IOA - Dog Desserts Course                                                                                             ISA - Coronavirus Clinical Safety Course 

OA - Animal Psychology                                                                                                  S.chip - Level 3 Microchipping

SB - Canine Fertility                                                                                                         SB - Level 1 Ultrasound Scanning  


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